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Q     What size system do I need?
  A      The size of the system depends 
            on the size of the crowd and the
            venue. We have a system to 
            meet your needs whether it is 
            an intimate setting or a full scale

    Q     What are the cost and are there
discounts available?

    A      Cost is based on the size of the
            system.  There are discounts for
            events lasting more than one day.
            There are also discounts if you 
            rent sound, lights and stage.  We
            can provide the best package for
            your particular event

    Q     Do I need technicians?

    A     That depends on the situation. 
            In most cases at least one     
            technician is needed.  (It's   
            always good to have someone.)

Q     What are the electrical 

    A     100 amp 208 VAC single 
            phase within 50 feet of the 
            stage is required for most shows.
            Generator is preferred, 
            otherwise a licensed electrician
            is needed for tie in & out of 
            MSL's cables. 

    Q     Can you provide backline?

    A     Yes we can provide backline 
            for your event.  Need a band? 
            We can help you find the right 

    Q     Do you have wireless mics?

    A      Absolutely!  Perfect for any 

    Q     Do you require a deposit?

    A     Yes we require a deposit to
            hold your date.

    Q     Is there a cancellation fee?

    A     There is a fee if you cancel
            within 3 days (72 hours) of your
            event, in which case we keep 
            your deposit.

    Q     What happens if it rains?

    A      MSL does not operate in 
            inclement weather for
            safety reasons.  To ensure 
            your event, rain dates  
            are offered at a discount.